R-Drive Image Technician


License Type
Commercial - Paid
Tool Type
Small Tool
R-Tools Technology
Acquisition - Imaging & Copying
Data Carving & File Recovery

 R-Drive Image Technician license allows the Licensee (home user or organization) to serve as many computers as required, provided that the software is not installed or run simultaneously on more computers than there are purchased licenses. With one technician license, you may serve any number of workstations or servers within your home network or organization, but you may not duplicate the software and use more than one copy of the software. The software can be temporally installed and/or run on a served computer but should be removed if you need to serve another computer. If you have several technicians and would like to serve more than one computer at the same time, you should consider purchasing multiple licenses. https://www.drive-image.com/Drive_Image_Licensing.shtml#technician