DFIR Bookshare Challenge and a Few Other Things  

DFIR Book Share Challenge

So far, in my opinion….this DFIR Bookshare Challenge is awesome

Sure, there is some work to it. Getting the books (and signed by the authors!), getting the word out, managing the hundreds of entries, making random drawings, getting confirmation from winners, then getting the addresses, then the mailing of each book (in and out of the USA). But even at that, this is totally awesome! Awesome because so far, the winners are welcoming the challenge to share after reading the books. That is so super cool. Even cooler is that you don't need to spend a dime in buying the book, shipping fees, or anything. Just the time to enter is all that is needed and I'll mail the book to you if you win.

To get one entry per drawing, be sure to create a free account here:  https://www.social.dfir.training/groups/viewgroup/3-dfir-book-giveaways . I am only requiring creating an account so that I can export a csv with email addresses...in order to make the drawing. You can use any email address you want, but make it one that you will check the emails to see if you won. If I don't hear from the winner in a few days, I'll be moving on to the next person. I prefer #1 win, but the book has got to be sent out for its new life to be passed around :) 

Where have the books gone so far? Here is the current map, and remember, this will be happening every month until I run out of author signed books:


  Oh yeah…..the book reviews…

I have to admit that I am behind on the reviews. I probably bit more than I can chew with giving away so many books in such a short time, which includes me reading each book in order to review them all. I plan to get through the all the reviews over the holidays.

If you wrote a DFIR and want to join the challenge ( https://www.dfir.training/dfir-training-categories-k2/item/160-free-dfir-books ), let me know. brett@shavers.cc

Patreon  https://www.patreon.com/DFIRtraining  

I’ve been working on Patreon for several reasons, all to benefit everyone looking to connect with the community and get some training (and ebooks).  The goal is to build up the Patreon page in order to be able to commit more time to give more, such as more courses, more podcasting, more writing, more www.dfir.training  content, and more sharing.

I encourage you to check it out: http://www.patreon.com/DFIRTraining . To gain access to the courses and posts, sign up at one of the tier levels of your choice. Tier levels at $20 or higher access everything, although the $20 tier level just sold out.  There are spots at the $30 tier level, and when they sell out, the next level is $40, and so forth. Get in early and enjoy the lower tier prices. And once you join at a certain tier level, you can keep the subscription price for as long as you want without any increase. But when you leave, you will lose your early discount spot and would have to come in at a higher tier when you decide to come back. Basically, innovators and early adopters get the biggest benefits, so get in early!

Back to the DFIR Bookshare challenge ...as a benefit for the Patreon members, each member at tier levels of $20 or more are getting 21 entries to win a book, each time. Everyone else receives one entry. That doesn't mean that only patrons win, but they have more chances to win.

The next big thing in the Patreon is the updated WinFE. If you haven’t heard, it will be a major update in what it can do. The current version built with WinBuilder is still valid, and will continue to be valid as the write protection method is the same. The new WinFE has a few more features that extend WinFE’s usage, which I will detail in Patreon through added videos in the WinFE course and through an ebook that you can download for free if you are a patron of Patreon. I am excited for the new update to be released and I know that you will be too ( the new WinFE is seen below running in ARM64 !).  Kudos to Colin Ramsen on his write protect app!

For those who are supporting through Patreon, you folks are, well, just plain awesome! (That’s the last time I use awesome in the post, I promise..).

DFIR Training website

The visitor stats are incredible, so I appreciate the suggestions and corrections that I am sent. Keep it up. Still averaging over 35,000 unique views a month and hit 70,000 in one month recently, typically a million hits a month, a bounce rate of 13.10% (if you know about bounce rates, you know this is incredible), 15 daily page views per visitor, and visitors spending 25:15 minutes on the daily (average). 

A few sponsors are coming on board, so that is nice to help compensate for time to manage the site. There are lots of items on the site and more is coming. All is free to access for everyone.

I will be adding a few new features here and there, all the while as I update the content with tool listings, event listings, artifacts, and more.

If you see something that you don’t like, or like, or could/should be different, don’t be shy to let me know via the contact form or directly via email.


Written by :Brett Shavers