Certified Advanced Windows Forensic Examiner (CAWFE)


Digital Forensics

The Certified Advanced Windows Forensic Examiner (CAWFE) program is administered by the IACIS Advanced Certification Subcommittee. The CAWFE Certification is drawn from a set of competencies approved by several committees and the IACIS Board of Directors.

The CAWFE program is an assessment process and not a simple, single test.  The process is composed of two separate assessments. The first component is the written examination, administered via the IACIS Moodle site. The second component is a practical assessment whereby candidates must answer questions that relate directly to a series of image files and Windows artifacts.

Application for the CAWFE Certification program must be made directly to the IACIS Advanced Certification Subcommittee prior to being enrolled in the CAWFE Moodle assessment program. If the candidate is required to pay a fee to register for the CAWFE certification, the requisite fee must be paid to the IACIS Treasurer BEFORE submitting the CAWFE application.

The next CAWFE cycle will be announced soon.